"Good people playing good music for good reasons."

–Mark Piepcorn, Director, Stage 33 Live, Bellows Falls

"One of the best shows I have seen in forever!"

–Jan Sheeley, the Milk House Heaters

"Innovative, intellectual, inspiring."

–Annette Goyne, Richford High School, Head Librarian

"A Zoo-@-Logical Tour de Force."

–M Sebastian Araujo, Director, MCA

"Wacky, totally engaging and always inclusive."

–Jude Domski, VCAM

"You can’t beat their wardrobe."

–Tyler Griffin, Musical Director at Thetfest

"Think Leonard Cohen meets the Sex Pistols at Andy Warhol’s place."

–Andre Maquera, Producer

"The Zookeepers are music as information."

–Jason Broughton, Vermont State Librarian

"Crazily original with incredible song writing."

–Jan Sheeley, the Milk House Heaters

"A triumph of sequencing their new album Book of ZOO is a heavy and singular piece of work."

–Justin Boland Seven Days